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Char-lee Heard

Position: Racing & Marketing Secretary


Job Title – Racing Secretary
Worked here since –
April 2017
Favourite horse –
Star Shield
Favourite racecourse –
Most memorable moment – Lord Glitters winning the Queen Anne
Best things about Working here – The people and the horses!
What got you into racing – My family – Back as far as my Great grandfather my family have always been involved in racing.  My Grandad used to midnight steeplechase and , my Dad was at Dick Herns and then rode and trained pointers, as well as 2 of my brothers being jockeys.
Career ambition –
To do what I am doing now! 
Likes – Spending time with my family, nights out & Gin!
Dislikes – Rude people 
Hobbies – Socialising, riding my 3 favourite horses here, the sun!
Favourite films/TV/Music – The Shawshank Redemption/Dramas/Classics that everyone dances to!
What horse would you own and why – Star Shield so that he never leaves the yard!
Any superstitions – If we had a winner, I’d watch the next race from the same spot, Never walk over 3 drains.

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