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At David O’Meara Racing, we provide a variety of ownership opportunities to suit all budgets and preferences. We cater to a lot of racing partnerships and syndicates throughout the UK, which is an extremely practical way of getting the full thrill and excitement of racing for less. Partnerships and syndicates receive all the same benefits as sole ownerships, but with the costs diluted between partners. This gives you the full thrill of being an owner for less. Typically, our syndicates are allowed stable visits on a regular basis, as well as phone or email contact, but this must of course be proportional and within reason.

We also work with reputable partners such as Hambleton Racing, Middleham Park Racing, Gallop Racing, Ontoawinner and York Thoroughbred Racing training horses owned through their syndicates and ownership opportunities. Shares for these syndicates can vary greatly, so whether you’re interested in owning either a large or a small share in a horse, that’s possible.

If you have any questions about out available syndicates or would like more information, feel free to contact us and we can explain this to you in more detail. Get your heart racing!

Get your heart racing!

Join us, as either as an owner or as a member of our team, and start to get your heart racing today!

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