Willow Farm: Our Yard

In January 2016, David O’Meara Racing relocated a new 120 acre yard at Willow Farm to accommodate his growing number of horses and an ever increasing team. Based in the outskirts of York near Upper Helmsley, Willow Farm’s purpose built yard will provide David and his team with the facilities needed to achieve even greater success in the future.


Our purpose build Equaflow gallop is a massive asset to Willow Farm, installed by our yard sponsor Andrews Bowen, it is 6 furlongs in length and the Gallop Prograde is 2.2 metres wide built on Equaflow sub-base replacement system and BHA Approved SafeTrack surface material.

Andrews Bowen Safetrack, Synthetic Fibre Enhance Track, is designed to provide the very finest racing surface for training gallops and racecourses around the world. Safetrack is highly consistent and we are delighted with how well it has worked at Willow Farm.

Andrews Bowen Safetrack, the finest racing surface, is a blend of multi-washed silica sand, elastic, polypropylene and polyester fibres coated with a wax instead of petroleum jelly.  The fibres act as a ‘root structure’ as in a good turf giving maximum stability.  The wax adds additional spring to the surface as well as the many other wax benefits, including dust free and minimal maintenance.  The surface has minimal kickback and excellent shock absorbing properties.  A highly consistent and durable wax coated surface.

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