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Natasha Nelson

Position: Barn Manager & Work Rider


Worked here since – 2017
Favourite horse – Custom cut (retired) and Turandot
Favourite Racecourse – York
Most memorable moment – Riding my first winner
Best things about working here – Great yard and lovely horses
What got you into racing – Always loved horses
Likes – Nights out with friends, summer and holidays
Dislikes – Winter and being cold
Hobbies – Pole dancing, climbing and horse riding
Favourite film/Tv/music – Speed, Masterchef, Dermot Kennedy
What 3 items would you take with you on a desert island? Phone, alcohol and tanning oil
What horse would you like to own and why? Tiger roll because he gives his all.
Any superstitions – Drop anything new on the floor and stand on it
What would you be doing if you weren’t working here – Personal trainer or Nutritionist

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