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Danielle Fowkes

Position: Work Rider


Worked here since – July 2017
Favourite horse –Frankel
Favourite racecourse – York
Most Memorable moment – Meeting Black Cavier
Best things about working here – Friendly environment with staff, nice horses to ride and good boss
What got you into racing? My love of horses
Career ambition – To own young stock and pick out top class yearlings
Likes – Sleeping, Golf & Holidays
Dislikes – Sprouts, Bad smells & Cold weather
Hobbies – Golf
Favourite films/Music – Top Gun & Ed Sheeran
What 3 items would you take with you on a desert island? – Lighter, a pan & a knife
What horse would you like to own and why? Frankel – stud fees
Any superstitions? – Salute a magpie

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